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Cool Tools for Budding Writers: Crayon Rocks

We are always looking for new ways to get our students involved with our writing centers. One of the best ways is by introducing new tools!

Recently, we added crayon rocks to our writing centers at Galilee. Now I know what you are thinking ... what are Crayons Rocks?

Crayon Rocks look like smooth, waxy pebbles with a small indentation on one side. Like traditional crayons, they come in a variety of appealing colors but they lack the typical paper wrapper. Crayon Rocks were developed by a special needs teacher after her experience with the Handwriting Without Tears program. These "rocks" are specially shaped to promote a strong tripod grip, the foundation of all handwriting skills. The size and shape of the crayon rocks encourage children to use their thumb, first, and second fingers to hold the crayon as opposed to a fist grasp or a grip involving a third finger.

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