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Full Day Preschool

Students in our full day program enjoy all the learning and exploration of our half-day program with even more FUN!

Our full-day students are in the same morning classes with their half-day peers until it is time for lunch bunch and a second round of outdoor play --  helping us to get the wiggles out and strengthen our gross motor skills at the same time!  We understand the need for our full day friends to wind down after a full morning of stimulation, so lunch and outdoor play are followed by some much needed quiet time -- the perfect time to nap, read, color, or gently play while our minds absorb all we have learned throughout the day.

Nurturing teachers provide a variety of opportunities for learning centers, dramatic play, and other hands-on activities throughout the afternoon.  Students in our full day class also have the option to enroll in our after-school program, extending their day until 6 p.m.

Full day preschool is available or students enrolled for 5 days a week in a 3's, 4's, or Pre-K class.

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